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Three years of tracking Polish artist Marcin Ignac’s computer usage in the form of clicks and keystrokes.

"He tracked his computer use with an OS X app written by designer Dean McNamee called Tapper, which logs minutes spent at the computer. Then he used the programming environment Plask to visualize the data, creating an image where each line represents the course of a day. A second set of visualizations map mouse clicks and keystrokes. You can clearly see where he was on vacation, where the blackened striations become thicker, while the periodic all-nighters stay bright across the entire image. “In these 2.5 years I’ve made 2,610,877 clicks and pressed 10,207,483 keys,” Ignac writes. “For another person it might look like bunch of colorful stripes but I can really see patterns based on the software I was using at that moment, the projects I worked on, when I changed jobs or when I was traveling.”

(via 1 | Infographic: Mapping Three Years Of Clicks And Keystrokes | Co.Design: business innovation design)

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