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Pew Internet released this fascinating document. It’s telling that many organizations still feel threatened by technology.

From the report :

The internet and digital technologies have also disrupted much of the traditional art world, according to these organizations. It has changed audience expectations, put more pressure on arts groups to participate actively in social media and, in some circumstances, undercut organizations’ missions and revenue streams.

Even the notion of art is changing: 77% of respondents strongly agree or somewhat agree with the statement that digital technologies have “played a major role in broadening the boundaries of what is considered art.”

Tied to this embrace of technology is a widespread sense among arts group leaders that digital technologies are critical to the spread of the arts:

  • 81% of the organizations in this survey say the internet and digital technologies are “very important” for promoting the arts 
  • 78% say these technologies are “very important” for increasing audience engagement 
  • 50% “strongly agree” with the statement that the internet “has increased engagement in the arts by providing a public platform through which more people can share their work” 
  • 65% say digital technologies are “very important” for fundraising 
  • A majority of these organizations also agree that the internet is “very important” in increasing organizational efficiency (63%), and for their engaging in arts advocacy (55%)

22% of the interviewees were with performing groups. 9% were with museums.

UPDATE : HyperAllergic also posted about this report - read their analysis here.

- Jaki

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