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Tomorrow, 2/20 at Huge, Inc.

How do we value art online? In a setting that privileges and rewards content with mass appeal and a meme-ready aesthetic, how does the creative practice of artists working on the internet conform to or defy these rules? In the absence of a true art market for net art, new media art, or art that takes place on social media platforms, does  a work’s viral potential become an indicator of success or quality?

In this moderated panel discussion we’ll hear from artists, curators, and art critics who are looking at the way art functions in the digital gallery of the internet. We’ll be exploring whether success online can translate to success offline, and exactly how much stock one should place in the “Like” economy of the web.



7:00pm – Doors. Mingling over wine and snacks.

7:30-8:30pm – Panel discussion.

8:30-10:00pm – Conversation continues over more wine!



Lindsay Howardis the Curatorial Director of 319 Scholes. Her work uses experimental curatorial models to reflect what she sees as an essential shift in contemporary culture, specifically a growing interest in collaborative creativity, open source philosophy, and unlimited access to information. She is the 2012-2013 Curatorial Fellow at Eyebeam: Art & Technology Center.

Matt Divito
(aka Mr. Div) is a motion graphics designer and an aspiring game developer. His hypnotic GIFs have taken Tumblr and the internet by storm.

Greg Leuch
is a designer that combines pop culture with technology and art, for which he has received numerous high-fives and death threats. Greg is a 2013 Eyebeam resident and a virtual research fellow of the Free Art & Technology Lab. He is also co-founder of XOlator, a creative engagement team

Marina Galperina
is the Art Editor of ANIMALNewYorkand a contributor to ARTnews, The Atlantic, New York Magazine and Flavorwire. She specializes in Russian internet phenomena"not vandalism" and net art… right now.

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