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We’re gearing up for a full day of art & tech nerdery and revelry at the #ArtsTech Unconference on Saturday, April 27th. The event will bring together:

- Arts professionals and artists who are using digital media to connect with audiences

- Artists using technology in their creative practice

- Arts & tech start-ups

We asked the #ArtsTech community to submit some ideas for featured sessions, and have selected the best ones from the incredible ideas we received.

Join us on the 27th to participate in one of these sessions or come to lead one of your own. RSVP HERE:

Venue Sponsor: AOL Artists

Food Demo will be provided by Plated: Food Meets Tech Meets Creative Good Eats

Session Type: Panel discussions and case studies dealing with digital strategy, social media, online identity management for individuals and organizations.

Unlearning without Deskilling – a Case Study of Art Historians and Engineers on an Impossible Misison

Presenter: Daniel Doubrovkine

This presentation will explain how engineers and art historians worked together to create the Art Genome Project for Artsy. Daniel will explore the tools and methods used in this exciting collaboration between art and science.

Performing Arts for a Wired, 21st Century Audience

Presenter: Kathryn Jones

The performing arts industry is in a crisis - audiences continue on a 30 year declines, revenues are falling, and there are fewer jobs in the performing arts today than there were in 1990. How should the performing arts industry evolve to meet the expectations and desires of a 21st century audience? This panel discussion will explore how technology can help the performing arts adapt to remain relevant today.

Multimedia Storytelling

Presenter: Brendan Schlagel

Brendan will lead a discussion on how multimedia is changing the nature of storytelling. He will explore everything from specific creative techniques and the pragmatics of telling an engaging story to the fundamental principles that will guide this field forward.

The Audience as Users

Presenter: Ben Elgart

Artists and creative technologists now engage their audiences not just as recipients or participants, but also as users. Methods from a user-centered design approach can help refine your vision to ensure that it opens the appropriate dialogue for your audience. This overview will provide a framework to think about your process and help you identify what techniques will advance your work and when to put them into action.

The Top Ten Strategies for Mastering Social Media in Real Time

Presenters: Susi Kenna & Lucy Redoglia

From press conferences to live performances to public art to high-profile parties—topics will touch on planning techniques, tools of the trade, managing participation, post-event tips and how to be a live tweeting pro. From the initial discussion, participants will compile a useful guide to planning and executing timely social media campaigns.


[bits and flow] Digital and Social Media for Artists

Presenters: Tia Johnson, Eve Biddle, and Timothy Ney

This session is intended for artists and art organizations who are interested in learning how to better utilize social media to reach their audience. It will also focus on how small teams can best leverage their digital resources by making effective use of digital tools.

Brand Yourself Online

Presenter:Ariele Krantzow

This session will focus on creating a comprehensive online brand throughout social media platforms such as twitter and linkedin, using Wix’s dead simple design tools.

Session Type: Theoretical discussions around art and digital technology, touching on new media art, media theory, and the aesthetics of code.

Concepts, Code, & Creativity

Presenter: Robert Strati    

This roundtable discussion led by Robert Strati explores issues concerning the conceptual connections and trends between contemporary art and technology. Participants will look at examples such as GLI.TC/H Conference, ArtStack, and Mechanical Turk to examine what the current landscape reveals about our intellectual and creative state.

Tactile New Media – Digital Arts meets Traditional Craft

Presenter: Ken Amarit

Part demo, part presentation, part discussion, Tactile New Media explores the role traditional crafting plays in creating works that are ultimately digital. Ken Amarit will begin this session with a demo of his game, Voyager, crafted from wool, stop-motion animated and digitized video game.

Beyond the Algorithm – The Content of Tech Art

Presenter: Carla Gannis

Beyond the Algorithm will discuss the work of artstech practitioners generating critically and socially engaged content. Topics will include how digital artists use current social networks to traverse class stratification and ethnic divides and why does exclusion still exist once artists are off the network and in the gallery?

1 Second Everyday

Presenter: Cesar Kuriyama

After years working in advertising and frustrated with his memory, Cesar Kuriyama took a year off to record 1 Second Everyday, documenting every moment in his life. Kuriyama will present the project as well as the much-lauded iPhone App.

Session Type: Performance

Blogologues: The Internet Performed

Presenters: Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula

A discussion about why social media is relevant to theater, and how it’s changing storytelling, how theater artists can embrace tech more wholeheartedly, and possible performance of 1-3 short sketches based on live tweets from Unconference participants

Session Type: Hands-on workshop with moderate to advanced technical skills required.

Spacebrew Workshop

Presenter: Julio Terra

One hour hands-on workshop about Spacebrew – a project of the LAB, to build an open, dynamically re-routable software toolkit for choreographing interactive spaces.

Digital Sound Manipulations

Presenter: Michael Feld

A workshop on using every day sounds and objects as instruments as a source for digital music and sonic possibilities. Participants will gain hands on experience working with electronic instruments, working together as an ensemble, and how to use this art form as a teaching tool

 Beautiful Code

Presenter: Zeeshan Lakhani

A presentation aimed at those without the background in the theory behind programming semantics and design patterns, to show how coding as a discipline that is just as important as the outcome or product of the code itself.  Participants will leave knowing how to write better code for collaboration, and recognize some of the elegant abstractions and paradigms that are generalized across the board for all programming languages.


Presenter: Miriam Simun

The session will include a short presentation on the history and socio-technical history of POPS (Privately-Owned Public Spaces), a short presentation and ‘how-to-tips’ on making compelling VINE videos, and then a 20 minute sojurn into the three POPS in Astor Place, where participants will make their own VINE-POPS.

Session Type: Hands-on workshop, no technical skills required

How Do You See Yourself? A Wearable Tech Workshop

Presenter: Sylvia Heisel

Experimental workshop where users will play with and photograph themselves wearing new tech materials and non-traditional clothing items such as reflective thread, tyvek, and LEDs.

How to Be a (Secret) Change Agent in Your Organization

Presenters: Jen Leavitt & Michelle Paul

Participatory workshop that hopes to engage everyone in thinking about what makes an organizational change successful.

Data visualizations: techniques and data wrangling procedures
Presenters: Nathan Storey and Michael Thompson

This presentation will look at some awesome data visualizations. Michael will go through some of the techniques he uses in his work and Nathan will touch on some places to look for data, and how to wrangle the data into usable form once you get it.

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